PictureFrameHi, I’m Lauren and I’m the owner and writer of Sanguine Skincare – but more about me later.

Sanguine Skincare offers skincare advice, tips and product reviews. On this site you’ll find how to articles and tips, advising you on the best way to care for your skin. You’ll also find a range of reviews on products that really work, as well as answers to common skincare questions, and in-depth articles on skincare ingredients.

My Approach

When it comes to skincare, I take a more science based approach. I feel that there’s a lot of pseudo-scientific advice and misinformation on skincare that’s not helping anyone to make better decisions when it comes to products and skincare routines.

So I started Sanguine Skincare to provide more science-based tips and advice, so that you can make better and more educated choices when it comes to choosing products and caring for your skin.

I want to educate others about what skincare products and routines actually work.

What to Expect from Sanguine Skincare…

Lots of reviews on products, information that will help you to get clearer and healthier looking skin, anti-aging tips that work, and of course answers to common skincare questions.

What you won’t find here is hype or fear mongering. I won’t tell you that mineral oil is awful (because it’s really not – look at the research) or that parabens will give you cancer (again look at the research). I won’t recommend dubious DIY’s like baking soda exfoliators (destroyed acid mantle anyone?) And I also won’t tell you that you need to “spend more” if you want good skin.

And finally, at Sanguine Skincare, you won’t find any quick fixes.

It’s natural to want a quick and easy fix for a skincare problem that you never have to think about again. But there simply aren’t any when it comes to skincare.

Skin doesn’t work that way.

Your skin is an organ. It is not a static entity.

If you want great skin, then you need to care for it consistently. Just like you can’t go to the gym once and expect to come out with a six pack, you can’t do one skincare treatment and expect your skin to completely change.

Caring for your skin consistently and using the right products for your skin type, which address your particular skin concerns (skincare is not one-size fits all) is the key to getting beautiful, healthy looking skin.

So back to me: Who am I? 

I’m Lauren Todd and I’ve been a freelance writer for almost ten years now. I primarily work as a copywriter and content writer in the health and wellness industry.

My interest in skincare began when I was fairly young. I had issues with eczema on my legs and hands at this time. This bothered me quite a lot. So, when I got into my late teens I started reading about skincare, as I wanted to find better ways to deal with my eczema.

But it wasn’t just advice about eczema that caught my attention. I started to learn more about facial skincare and skincare routines too.

I became very interested in it, and read as much as I could. I bought skincare products, and created a routine for myself for the first time. And my love of skincare was born.

Fortunately, I have been able to transfer my passion over to my career as a writer. Over the past almost ten years, I have worked with a number of health and wellness companies, as well as dermatologist’s offices.

Through my work with my clients and skincare brands, I have been exposed to a wealth of scientific knowledge and research. I have learnt so much about how the skin works, what the most effective ways to care for it are, and I have discovered so much about ingredients and how they function on the skin.

During this time I have also conducted my own research outside of my work with clients. I have read countless scientific journals, and sought out published, peer reviewed studies.

And now I want to share my knowledge and my experience with you…