Can Skincare Products Detox your Skin?

Detox SkinThere are lots of products around at the moment that claim to detoxify your skin. These products claim to remove toxins and impurities from the skin, and as a result make it look clearer.

From moisturizers to cleansers, there are a lot of these detoxifying products on offer from some big skincare brands.

But, can skincare products really detox your skin?

Essentially, skincare products cannot detox your skin, and here’s why…

Why a Product can’t Detox your Skin

To put it simply, there are no toxins in your skin to remove in the first place, making the claim of detoxification entirely redundant in the first place. What you do have in your skin is oil, dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria.

When the pores become clogged by these things, blackheads and breakouts can occur. Bacteria is a leading cause of acne.  It’s certainly not toxins that cause breakouts or other skin issues, because there simply aren’t any in the skin to begin with.

You’ll also probably notice that if you take a closer look at products that claim to remove toxins, they don’t actually specify which toxins they are referring to. They just make these very vague references.

There are impurities in the body in general, but these are filtered out by the liver and the kidneys, and that process is something entirely separate, which certainly does not require assistance from skincare products.

So, you certainly don’t need to bother with products that claim to detoxify the skin.