How to get the Most from your Chemical Exfoliants

Chemical exfoliants, like AHAs and BHA, are the best way to slough off dead skin cells and leave your face looking youthful and glowing. If you want to get the most from chemical exfoliants (and who doesn’t want to get the most out of their skincare products?), then follow these simple tips and tricks.

1. Give your Skin Time to Acclimate

When you first try BHA or an AHA, if you get a stinging sensation, then don’t assume you’re one of those people that can’t use chemical exfoliants. It’s pretty normal to experience a little stinging when first using them. After a few uses, this sensation will go away. You just need to give your skin time to acclimate.

Also, if you start breaking out a little more, then don’t panic. It’s fairly common for a BHA to cause more breakouts in the first couple of weeks of use. That’s because the BHA is unclogging your pores, allowing more oil to get to the surface.

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How to Prevent Acne Scarring

How-to-Prevent-Acne-ScarringEssentially, acne breakouts are like wounds, which are similar to other wounds on the body, in that they take time to heal. At first breakouts will be sore and tender.

As they will begin to heal, a scab will form and the skin will then begin to repair itself. During this time, your skin is much more sensitive and prone to damage, hyperpigmentation, and of course, scarring.

So, when dealing with acne, if you want to prevent scars, you need to do everything you can to aid your skin in the healing process. To do this, I recommend the following

1. Do not Agitate your Breakouts

The number one cause of acne scarring is picking at the breakouts. If you pick at your acne, you will cause more damage to the area and you will disrupt the healing process. So, resist the urge to pick at your spots. View Post

How to get Rid of Blackheads and Minimize Large Pores

How-to-get-Rid-of-Blackheads...One of the most talked about topics in skincare is large pores and blackheads. Unfortunately, large pores and blackheads often occur together. Often, the pore will become enlarged and then a blackhead will follow.

I’ve seen countless products from pore strips to creams, which claim to remove blackheads and “tighten pores”. But in reality, pore strips simply take off the top of the blackhead and the rest of it remains in your pore. And there’s no physical way that a topical product could “tighten pores” – whatever that means.

So what can you do?

Well first of all, you need to understand what it is that causes blackheads and enlarged pores. And how your pores function. The purpose of your pores is to get sebum to the skin’s surface and to expel sweat. Inside your pores, you have hair follicles, sebaceous glands and the oil that is produced by these glands, which is called sebum. Sebum is your skin’s natural oil. It protects skin, keeps it moisturized and prevents moisture loss.

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How to Deal with very Dry Skin

How-to-Deal-with-very-Dry-Skin-FramwDry skin can be quite difficult to care for. It can be tough to keep it hydrated. And it can be almost impossible to get your makeup to look smooth and flawless, rather than flaky and scaly.

So how can you deal with very Dry Skin?

Well, essentially you need to add as much moisture to it as possible. And make sure you use products will deal with your skin issues.

Gentle Cleansers are Best

Do not use harsh cleansing products. When your skin is dry, it already struggles to retain moisture, and it likely doesn’t produce enough sebum. So, if you are using really harsh cleansers, you are essentially stripping your skin of all of its natural oils. This is not what you want if your skin is already very dry.

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How to Deal with Dark Under-Eye Circles

Dark Eye Circes Post ImageDark circles can be quite frustrating. And they can be quite tough to eliminate. When it comes to dark circles, you need to keep your expectations realistic. Unfortunately, many topical products that are designed to treat them, simply don’t work.

So what does work?

Well, with dark circles, the cause of them is really going to affect which products and treatments will work for you. There are so many different things that can cause dark circles, and often the root of the problem is difficult to determine.

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