3 Easy Tips for Healthier Skin

Everyone’s skin varies. Some people struggle with acne, others get dry skin, and some people have super sensitive skin.

Whatever issues you have with your skin, and whatever skin type you are, there are always simple things that you can do to make your skin look a little better or a lot better!

These tips for healthier skin are really easy to implement into your routine, but they’re very effective too.

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Why Consistency is the Most Important Factor of Skincare

Whether it’s acne, dry skin or excess oil, everyone deals with their own skin issues. But no matter what your skin type or skin issue, the solution for improving skin is always the same.

When it comes to getting good skin, there is nothing that is more effective or more important than consistency.

It might seem simple, but it’s true. And here’s why.

Consistency and Skincare

Whether it is learning a language or working out, consistency is the biggest determining factor of success.

For example, if you want to learn to speak Spanish, but you only listen to your language lessons once per week, are you going to be successful? The answer is no.

Similarly, if you only visit the gym once per week, are you going to get abs? The answer is no.

And the same is true of skincare.

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Fight Dry, Dull Winter Skin with the Right Skincare Products

With winter fast-approaching, it might be time to take a fresh look at your skincare routine. During the colder months, skin often dries out. Rough, flaky patches appear, and skin just doesn’t look as nice as it did.

While dry, dull looking skin is a problem for a lot of people in the winter, there are few things that you can do to restore your complexation.


Skin is often desperate for hydration during the colder months. So, make sure your moisturizer provides it. A good winter-appropriate moisturizer should contain plenty of emollients, like cocoa butter and cetearyl alcohol, and humectants, like glycerin and sodium hyaluronate.

Emollients smooth and soften, dry rough skin, making them essential for winter. Humectants draw in moisture to the epidermis from the atmosphere, so they are perfect for boosting skin’s moisture content.

Occlusive ingredients, like shea butter and petrolatum, are also essential. These create a thin layer over the skin, which locks in moisture. In the winter time, look for moisturizers that boost your skin’s natural moisture barrier, like ceramides.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration

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5 Common Skincare Mistakes

Whether you’re new to skincare, or are overwhelmed with information from blogs, magazines and websites, it’s easy to make skincare mistakes. There’s a lot of great information online about skincare.  But, there’s also a lot of misinformation and myths too. So to make sure that you avoid skincare mistakes and get the most out of your routine, here are five of the most common skincare mistakes. 

1. Waiting too Long after Cleansing to Apply your Moisturizer

When you cleanse you skin, you saturate your epidermis with water. This water remains in the epidermis for a short time after cleansing.

So, if you apply a moisturizer, you can lock some of this moisture into your skin. This is because moisturizers generally include occlusive ingredients. Occlusive ingredients create a very thin layer over the skin, which prevents moisture loss.

So, if you apply your moisturizer right after cleansing, you can really boost your skin’s moisture content, which is ideal for all skin types.  But if you wait too long after cleansing to apply it, this moisture is lost.

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My Skincare Routine and How to Create your Own


I love skincare. That’s pretty obvious. I run a whole website dedicated to the subject and on top of my regular work as a freelance writer, I cram even more writing into my weekly schedule, just because I enjoy talking about skincare. But, still, I don’t want my skincare routine to take hours.

Part of it is that I’m not a morning person, at night time I just want to crawl into bed, and I have a pretty busy schedule. But, the main reason that I keep my skincare routine short is simply because it doesn’t need to be long.

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